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Motivating A Better You

I believe in addressing your needs based on your desired outcomes and overcoming obstacles that are not emotionally aligned with your goals. I am a strength-based therapist with emphasis on mindfulness and stress management as it relates to your daily interactions. Let’s learn and use innovative problem-solving skills; so your confidence and capabilities toward solutions will become part of you. It will feel relieving to view your world through a lens of increased ability toward improvements. As a clinical hypnotherapist, when indicated, I utilize cognitive reconditioning of harmful habits as well as improvements with depressive symptoms, phobias, weight control, stress management, etc.

I have been developing innovative mindfulness programs for over 15 years. The caring direct approach coupled with motivational efforts, allow for my clients and I to develop a useful working rapport. My experience covers adults, families, couples, teens and children.

Together we will improve reactions to triggers of anxiety, depression and the unhelpful thinking styles that ensue. Developing and internalizing improved interaction methods in relationships and families is something you can look forward to. When indicated, clients receive my audio programs for Stress, Weight Control and/or Smoke Cessation.


Resolutions Toward Improvements

In my therapy sessions, we’ll work to solve current problems and change unhelpful thinking and behavior – especially when it comes to communication and unexpressed resentments. I will help you “re-frame” your thinking and provide you with valuable tools to cope and overcome obstacles that may be impeding your growth . You’ll walk out of my personalized Couples Therapy sessions feeling a direction and purpose for yourself and/or relationship. Contact me today to see what I have to offer.



Rapport / Play / Improve

Building a working rapport is probably the most important part of effecting change in kids. With an extensive background in performing and teaching improv, creating teen groups, and an eclectic approach to interfacing with children, I make that important connection to those difficult to reach. I aim at healing the whole family that may be struggling with a depressed, anxious, defiant or otherwise challenging child. Through creative methods, your child will learn and utilize improved mood regulation.